Results of the camp management meeting


In late November, the camp management met near Heilbronn. The meeting was very productive and there was no shortage of fun. The following resolutions, among others, were adopted:

  • The submitted concepts for the cafés were viewed and evaluated.
  • The sub camps should also be given the opportunity to be supplied with drinks by the central organization.
  • We talked about the offers for the camp t-shirt and camp badge and decided on the suppliers.
  • The early bird discount is extended until 28.02.2020 due to delays in the application tool.
  • There should be an email address as a central contact address for helpers.
  • Furthermore, individual questions were discussed, which were asked via
  • The contents of the preparatory meeting (03.-06.01.2020) were prepared.
  • For the kick-off camp (30.04.-03.05.2020) we have formulated goals for the various participants and clarified organizational matters.
  • After the experiences with the information booklet, the procedure for the participants’ booklet was discussed.