Experience Diversity

FarbenmEEHr 2020

The world is colourful and so are we! From the 3rd of August until the 13th of August 2020, we’re inviting scouts from all over Baden-Württemberg to our big Ringelager.

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Why FarbenmEEHr?

More colour (“Farben mehr”) means that

  • there’s more to the scouts than the known stereotypes
  • the scouts of Baden-Württemberg are more than one organization and consist of many more which all have different focuses.
  • on the camping ground, there will be more than one color because of the differently colored uniforms and neckerchiefs

“Farbenmeer” means that

  • there is an environmental awareness with the scouts because of the “Meer” which means “sea”
  • Das Meer im Sinne von Vielzahl an PfadfinderInnen, die wir für das Lager erwarten

Experience Diversity!?!

“Diversity” means that

  • the scouts plead for tolerance and acceptance
  • you will experience many diverse origins, ways of life and opinions in the different organizations
  • We do not claim to include all forms of our organizations but we consciously engage with different positions and are open for other/s.
“Experience” means that

  • we are convinced that our Ringelager will be an unforgettable experience and that every day will be a day of adventure
  • we want to create a daily routine in our camp where everyone can feel the spirit of scouting together

But why?

Experience the diversity of the scouting movement

Our main goal is to show to the outside world, how diverse the scouting movement here in Baden-Württember is There was a big Ringe-Landeslager in 2007 because of the 100 year anniversary of the scouts already and so, it was decided that we also want to organize one in 2020.

Here is the camp management


The camp management of the Ringelager 2020 consists of one person of each organization. This results in a 7-headed management team. We are responsible for the whole Ringelager – from planning to execution to follow-up.

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