Sub camp and sectional meeting from 08.11. to 10.11.19 in Raumünzach

In the almost wintry Raumünzach, the sectional working groups and the sub camp managements met from November 8th to November 10th. There was a lot of exchange and some questions were answered and of course, as it should be for a proper preparation meeting there was also a lot of chattering, singing and being happy.

In addition to all the pleasing things, as shown below, the problems of the sub camps were discussed, whereby it was found that there was a lack of staff in all sub camps.

Together, the sub camps were distributed to the camp site, the dates of the singing competition preliminary decisions were discussed and allocated, and the rough schedule of the camp days was discussed. Questions about the catering were clarified (more about this in a later post) and the election program was discussed. A major topic continued to be how exactly information should be provided to the groups. In order to prevent the large e-mail wave in front of a large camp, a concept was created that comes into effect after the kick-off camp.

At the sectional preparation meeting, special attention was paid to the sectional centers. How should the sectional centers look like? Which program should be offered when? And where should the centers be located? All this was debated at the sectional preparatory meeting. However, a final result has not yet been formulated.