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Wanted: the camp song of FarbenmEEHr

Wanted: the camp song of FarbenmEEHr

A camp like “FarbenmEEHr – experiencing diversity” naturally cannot do without its own camp song. We are looking for songwriters, musicians and bands that have the ideas, creativity and desire to write a camp song. Send us your songs. Ideally with text and notes and an mp3 recording, so we can hear how you imagine the song.

criteria are:

  • It must be catchy.
  • It must be easily playable for every guitarist, in every tribe, at every campfire.
  • It should refer to the motto of the Ringelager 2020 and the goals in terms of content (ecology, environmental awareness, cosmopolitanism, tolerance, diversity, scouts come together, we learn from each other, …).

The application deadline for the song is 31.03.2020.

If you’re interested or have any questions, contact lagerlied@farbenmeehr2020.de

Wanted: Favourite recipes for the camp cookbook

Wanted: Favourite recipes for the camp cookbook

You always serve snake with rice and you have a particularly good recipe for it? You have a favourite dish that cannot be missing on any camp? You have a secret recipe and would like the whole of FarbenmEEHr to enjoy it? Then send us your favorite camp meal! We turn it into the camp cookbook for the Ringelager 2020!

If you have any questions or are interested, contact verpflegung@farbenmeehr2020.de

Deadline for recipes is December 31, 2019.