Camp Fees




Early Bird

till 30.01.2020

Later Bookings

till 30.04.2020

100 € 100 €
Standard Fee for
participation from
03. – 13.08.
195 € 230 €
Standard Fee for
participation from
03. – 09.08.
€140 €160
Family concession,
2nd and subsequent person
03. – 13.08.
Social concession
100 € 100 €
Daily Participant fee
(per overnight stay)
35 € 35 €

Explanatory Notes

Helpers: No distiction is made between national and international helpers. The helper team also includes camp staff involved in the camp organisation and sub-camp staff. No additional fee will be levied for the camp set-up and dismantling periods.

Applications for social concession fees will be submitted by the applying groups.


Leaders pay the standard participant fee.

Children under 6 years of age may attend free of charge. Children attending without parent or guardian will be subject to the standard fee.
Day visitors without overnight stay (eg. on visitors’ day) are permitted to enter the camp site free of charge. A donation is welcome.
The family concession will be applied for the second and subsequent paying family member (including those paying helper fee).


Applications for attendance after the final registration date, where accepted, will be charged on the basis of the daily fee.

The following benefits are included in the price:

Helpers / Standard fee /

Family concession / Social concession

Daily participants

  • Full board
  • Overnight stay on the campsite
  • Campsite infrastructure
  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • Sectional program
  • Optional program
  • Camp badge
  • Scouts Assoc. day program
  • Sub-camp program
  • Camp T-shirt
  • Full board
  • Overnight stay on the campsite


An exemption from the food charge included in the camp fee may be possible in exceptional cases (eg. allergies) The following are not included in the fee:

  • Program for off-site days (also applies for international guests)
  • Food and drinks in camp cafés
  • merchandising items
  • travel to and from the campsite, transport of camping equipment

A prerequisite for registration is membership in a constituent organisation of rdp (DPSG, VCP, BdP, PSG, BMPPD), or Pfadfinderschaft Süddeutschlands, or Pfadfinderbund Horizonte, or a member organisation of WAGGGS or WOSM. Exceptions subject to agreement.

subsidy opportunities
& exemption

Subsidies for the financially weak:

Participants between the ages of 6 and 18 from financially disadvantaged families can be granted subsidies of up to €12 per day per participant.

Participants with disabilities:

If the group consists of at least 1/3 disabled participants, the subsidy amounts to
up to 12 € per day and participant. If the number of disabled participants is lower, only these will be subsidised.

Pedagogical supervision:

Supervisors aged 18 and up can receive subsidies of up to €12 per day per supervisor for an 11:1 participant to supervisor ratio (with disabled participants with smaller supervision keys).

Tent material:

Up to 50% of the total costs can be financed for procurement, equipment and major repairs of large and group tents.

Further information and the necessary forms can be found here: jugendarbeitsnetz.de/landesjugendplan

Also enquire about municipal and regional subsidies (e.g. with appropriate district or city youth associations, youth departments, church or political congregations,…). You want to lower your costs even more?
Here you will find ideas for your camp cash register, with which you can collect money and at the same time show the commitment of scouts:

  • Sales promotions: Christmas market, local festivals, weekly market, anniversaries in your vicinity – homemade or handicrafts always go down well!
  • Donation-based activities inside and outside of your group: concerts, tombola, talent show, postcards for those staying at home, relocation assistance à la “rent a scout”, …