International Visitors

Scouting is colorful and varied. With more than 50 million members worldwide, there are scouts right across the world, in almost every country.

In order that we can get a sense of this colorful and varied world of scouting at “FarbenmEEHr – experience diversity” the international team would like to invite international guests to participate in our camp. You have always wanted to know what differences exist between us and scouts from other countries, and what we have in common? Then this is your chance to host a partner group at the Ring camp in 2020. You can do so by indicating an interest at the time of application. The international team will link you up with a guest group and help you with your preparation. Perhaps you already have a partner group and would like to bring them along? That’s super, the group is very welcome. Please note that on your application. The camp is looking forward to meeting your guests.

Here too the international team will gladly help with your preparations. If you are not yet quite sure whether a partner group at camp is right for you, feel free to approach the international team with your questions. They will be pleased to advise.


International Program

But even without a partner group you will be able to encounter international scouting at the camp. . You can visit the international tent in the Tortuga area at any time and pick up information or meet our international guests. There will be international games and snacks. Or you can take part in the international Friendship Award by completing challenges together. Parts of our daily camp and evening programs will also be arranged by our international guests, for example with food, songs or bedtime stories.