The camp management introduces itself

Andreas Fehrenbach

Scout since 1973

DPSG Freiburg

“I’ve always been tempted to manage a large camp once. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time in the past. After a very time-consuming task had been completed, I decided to start working in the camp management. The prerequisite was that my family would agree. It’s all right for my wife Claudia and the kids think it’s good. This way I could offer my help to the association. I am looking forward to the task and to the cooperation with the many committed scouts. I am looking forward to a great camp with the different scout associations, in which the associations learn from each other and the scout aspiration carries and helps all.”

Daniela Wieland

Scout since 1992

PSG Rottenburg-Stuttgart

“After experiencing the motivational boost with participants of the 2007 Jamboree two years later (unfortunately I was not there), I wanted to be involved in the organization of the next ring bearing. Besides, I like to plan camps and I’m curious about other Scout Associations.”

Peter Krinke

Scout since 2000

VCP Baden

“I would like to make it possible to experience how diverse the scout movement in Baden-Württemberg is, but also how many scouts there are here – because if you only ever move within the boundaries of your association, you don’t even notice it.”

Sebastian Bänsch

Scout since 2000

VCP Württemberg

“I feel like experiencing and discovering new things and believe that we can make ourselves tangible as associations. On the one hand, we are dealing with each other, but also with the public. That’s why I volunteered to be part of the camp management.”

Simone Lapp

Scout since 2001

PSG Freiburg

“I am fascinated by how much we Scout Associations resemble one another, even though we each have our own traditions. I find it exciting to get to know the cultures of the other associations and to tackle such a big project with many other scouts. I hope that with the camp many people can experience what pathfinding is and that there is more to it than most people think.”

Stefanie Lurtz

Scout since 2000

BdP Baden-Württemberg

“The camp management is a new challenge for me that I can learn from. In 2007, I also took part in the Landesjamboree as a participant and seeing the differences and similarities between our federations was a great experience that is worth sharing with all participants in 2020”.

Sven Kroll

Scout since 1986

DPSG Rottenburg-Stuttgart

“I have been involved in the project from the very beginning and have been committed to the success of the national camp right from the start. This is not only because I have always experienced large camps as an enrichment, be it a World-jamboree or the Landesjamboree 2007. Furthermore I see in the camp a lot of potential to strengthen the work of the RdP/RDP and to reduce reservations between the associations. In my opinion, it is becoming more and more important that the Scout Associations, despite their enriching differences, speak with one voice to the outside world”.

Manuela Rettig



Since the 15th of March 2019 the Ringelager 2020 has a full-time managing director with Manuela Rettig. She supports the volunteers in the organization, implementation and follow-up of “FarbenmEEHr – experiencing diversity”. Her responsibilities include proposing applications to foundations, attracting sponsors, fundraising and financial planning, including controlling. She works closely with accountant John Kenny. She also provides legal support, such as VAT compliance, preparation and archiving of contracts, environmental issues and various other legal issues.

John Kenny



John Kenny, whom many people know as rdp’s administrative manager, is responsible for accounting at “FarbenmEEHr – experiencing diversity”. His responsibilities include cash management, accounting and operational accounting. OK, granted, that doesn’t sound so exciting, but it is immensely important, because without his financial order we would sink into chaos.