The Campsite

The “FarbenmEEHr – Experience Diversity” campsite is situated to the east of Königseggwald on meadows belonging to the Earl of Königseggwald-Aulendorf. The site is divided into various zones, which you will find on the adjacent map.

More information about reaching the site is given further down this page.

The Surrounding Area

“FarbenmEEHr – Experience Diversity” is located at the intersection of the regions of Lake Constance, the Swabian Alps, Upper Swabia and the Danube Valley, which provides lots of opportunities for off-site activities. The site lies equidistant between Pfullendorf and Aulendorf near the villages of Hosskirch and Königseggwald, two small communities, each with only a few hundred inhabitants. The noble family of Königseggwald-Aulendorf live in their ancestral home in Königseggwald. The neighbouring village of Altshausen is the seat of the family of the Duke of Wuerttemberg. Königseggsee, a publically accessible lake and bathing spot, and only a few minutes by bike from the site, offers a view of the ancient Castle of Königsegg.

The closest bigger towns are: to the south Überlingen on Lake Constance, Ravensburg to the east, Sigmaringen to the north and Tuttlingen to the west. Our address will be Stefansreute, the home of Galloway cattle, kestrels, bats goats and sheep, dogs and cats, all looked after by our hosts, the Geser family, who operate the Earl’s farming business.

Getting there

Travelling to the Site by public transport

“FarbenmEEHr – Experience Diversity” can easily be reached by train. On the dates of arrival and departure there will be special trains available on the “Räuberbahn” line, which can be accessed by changing trains at the stations in either Altshausen or Aulendorf. Local groups can of course travel by bike or on foot.