The program

week schedule

Scout Association Day

Its important that the members of each of the seven scout associations attending have some time to themselves and can get to know their own associations. This is when the home association will be tangible.

Sectional Program Day

Each day there will be organized activities for all four sections, but there will also be a sectional program day with specific sectional activities in each sub-camp. This is in contrast with other days, when multi-sectional activities may also take place, such as wide games. The BdP, which only has three sections, will make internal age based arrangements to distribute their members among the two scout sections. It is hoped to provide section centres in the Tortuga area, in which all leaders and youth members have a central contact point offering activities and games, as well as information about the section and training opportunities.

Image by Jonatan Moerman


In the spirituality area there will be a religious service on the morning of visitors’ day. Following on from that there will be a podium discussion. We also look forward to having a spiri-centre in the Tortuga area offering a wide variety of activities.

Singing Competition

The singing competition is an event, popular particularly in the bündische scouting tradition, in which you can pitch your singing skills against those of others. Preliminary rounds will be held in the sub-camps. Then on the Saturday evening there will be a grand final on the stage. The rules for participation and evaluation will be published in due course. It is anticipated that solo singers, patrols, bands and choirs will be eligible to take part. The aim is to allow as many youth members as possible to participate.

Visitors’ Day

A visitors’ day will take place on the Sunday. Among other things there will be a religious service, as well as a varied program of activities displaying what is on offer at the camp. Parents, family and friends are welcome to visit on this day to see what the camp has to offer. We also expect to welcome local residents from the neighbouring villages, representatives of the churches, politicians, sponsors and supporters of scouting.There will surely be great interest in our small scouting town!

Group Time

During group time each scout group can take time out and do its own thing!

Off-Site Days

During off-site days, arranged according to sub-camp, you can go on a hike, a short trip, a two-day ramble, as a Scout Group or in smaller groups, to explore the surrounding areas of Lake Constance, Upper Swabia or the Danube Valley. A night off-site with return the following morning is possible. Following registration, the team in the off-site centre will present you with the available options and, prior to the camp, co-ordinate the trips planned by the various groups. It is anticipated that on each the three off-site days up to 2,000 scouts will leave the campsite.

The Vision for the Camp

Once upon a time the colors were sitting together talking about this and that. The question arose, which color was the most unusual.

GREEN said, “I am the color of life and of hope. I represent the meadow, the trees and the leaves. Wherever I am, there’s peace and happiness”!

BLUE replied thoughtfully, “I am the color of the sky, of the sea and of eternity. Blue provides people with comfort, harmony and peace”.

YELLOW interjected, “I am the color of the sun and the summer wears my clothes. Wherever I am there is certainty and cheerfulness. I make people alert and creative”.

ORANGE shouted, “I am the color of health and resistance. I provide the sunrise and sunset with its pretty color. I bring happiness, energy and activity”.

RED blew out, “I am the color of blood and fire, of danger and courage. The heart and love wear my color. I give life, emotion and warmth.

PURPLE stood up, “I am the color of royalty and wealth. I convey authority and wisdom. I also represent spirituality, intellect and intelligence”. Thus ensued a bitter argument in which there could be no winner.

At that moment along came the WHITE TRAVELLERS who were very intrigued. BLACK had arrived too, but kept discreetly in the background.

From the beginning of this camp “FarbenmEEHr – Experience Diversity” we will all make a contribution to how this story ends. There we will all experience the conclusion of the story!


But why “FarbenmEEHr – Experience Diversity”?


The word FarbenmEEHr is a play on the German words Farben Meer (sea of colors) and Farben Mehr (more colors). The term “Farben mehr” (more colors) recognizes that:

  • • Scouting is more than the popular cliché
  • Scouting in Baden-Wuerttemberg happens in more than just one association; it comprises a number of associations with differing emphases.
  • on site there will be a mixture of differing colors, including differing uniform and neckie colors

The term “Farben Meer” (sea of colors) recognizes that:

  • as scouts we are conscious of our environment, including the seas and oceans
  • the sea of scouts – the large number of scouts – that will be present at the camp


The building block “diversity” recognizes that:

  • scouts aim to practice openness and tolerance
  • in their associations scouts have a variety of backgrounds, ways of life and opinions
  • in our associations we don’t claim to accommodate all characteristics, but we actively consider differing positions and are open to others
  • we want to provide an opportunity for exchanges, where new things can be discovered, tried out and learned.

The building block “experience” recognizes that:

  • we are convinced that the Ring camp will be an unforgettable experience, in which every day will be an adventure
  • we want to devise an active daily camp routine, in which we can all together sense the scouting spirit.