The sub camps

To ensure that the “FarbenmEEHr – Experience Diversity” with so many scouts can take place in a structured way, we divide you into smaller sub camps. A large part of the program will take place there, e.g. singing competition preliminary decisions, stage program and election program with the tribal projects.

Each group may specify three desired sub camps when registering and is then assigned to one. The sub camps will be managed by the different associations, but the participants will be mixed in a variety of ways.

The following sub camps are represented on the Ringelager 2020:


The moving city

BdP Baden-Württemberg



DPSG Rottenburg-Stuttgart

Brownsea Island 2.0


VCP Württemberg



DPSG Rottenburg-Stuttgart


You are more than just one colour

DPSG Freiburg


DPSG Freiburg

St. Goldvein

DPSG Rottenburg-Stuttgart
PSG Rottenburg-Stuttgart


VCP Baden


The sinking city

VCP Württemberg