Greeting of the patron Manne Lucha

Dear Boy Scouts and Girl Guides,

dear participants of the Ring Camp 2020,

Democracy is characterized in particular by the fact that it accepts people in their diversity and makes compromises from different opinions for the benefit of all. This basic principle, this ability to be open and tolerant, is not something that comes naturally. We have to learn it, internalize it, sometimes even endure it and in any case practice it anew every day. The earlier we start, the stronger, the more stable our democracy is; the better democrats we are.

And this is where this year’s Camp of the Rings of German Scout and Guide Associations Baden-Württemberg comes in. Boy Scouts and Guides from all over the country, regardless of group or association membership, regardless of the color of their dress and neckerchief, are invited to Königseggwald in order to shape everyday camp life together, to learn from each other, to question their own prejudices and to dare something new. “FarbenmEEHr – experience diversity” is the motto and sums it up in a nutshell: When it comes to shaping daily interaction, determining how we deal with each other, and strengthening cohesion in our society, we are all in demand. Each and everyone is part of it.

My thanks go above all to the rings of German scout and guide associations in Baden-Württemberg, which take up this topic and make young people in the state aware of it at an early stage: Different perspectives, abilities and talents – that is our strength. This is particularly important today, when we see that there are again people in the country who stir up hatred, demonise minorities, despise human rights and undermine democratic values. It is our duty to not let ourselves be driven away by the roar, hatred and muffled slogans of the few in this country!

I wish all participants an exciting, instructive and interesting, but of course also joyful Ring Camp 2020 – stay curious, stay open, have fun!

Yours sincerely,


Manne Lucha MdL
Minister for Social Affairs and Integration Baden-Württemberg