fire, water, earth, air

Dear scouts,

For the sub camp “Fire, Water, Earth, Air” the following information is available:

We will divide you, the participants of the sub camp, into four sections (according to the four elements).

We will not (or only with your consent) separate the groups and the cooking groups. Each section will have its own assembly area. At the beginning of the camp you have time to set up your area accordingly. In some parts of the sub camp program you will be competing against the other sections, other parts you will have to pass together. Competition and cooperation do not fall short in the four elements.

It is important to us that no area no longer has a chance to “catch up” with the other areas due to a bad day and therefore gives up in a demotivated manner. Basically we want our program to be attractive for you.

We want to offer you incentives to participate instead of forcing you to grind or farm (repetitive, boring actions).

Our sub camp site is located at the edge of the camp site (sub camp site 5 in the information booklet), directly at the forest. After consultation with the safety department, the four elements will be able to let off steam there.

At the kick-off camp at Schachen from 30 April to 3 May 2020 we will inform you in detail about the sub camp and the program. We would be pleased and would find it very important if a representative of each group participating in “Fire Water Air Earth” would come to discuss the sub camp and the program with us, so that you are optimally informed about the processes in the sub camp “Fire Water Air Earth” so that everything runs smoothly during the camp.

The sub camp management is looking forward to experience an unforgettable camp with you. Sign up, be there

Sabrina Zirkel, Korbinian Holz, Malte Mihatsch, Max Baier