Camp postponed to 2021

In the last few weeks there have been intensive discussions about the implementation of the FarbenmEEHr2020 camp in August 2020 in light of the corona crisis. With the ban on major events until the end of August, the camp cannot proceed as planned.

At a meeting of the Ring Assembly on 21st April it was decided to postpone the camp until August 2021.

New Date: 2nd to 12th August, 2021


Answers to a few questions:

How do I get a refund of the camp fees I have already paid?

Fees already paid to the rdp by your Group will be refunded to the Group in full. You will need to ask the Group whether and how the fees will be refunded to participants.

Is my registration for 2020 still valid for 2021?

The existing registration data will continue to be valid for everyone who is already registered. However, since the terms and conditions and the camp fee will change will change as a result of the postponement, a confirmation of the Group registration is required. This will be done through the contact email address entered during registration; your Group will receive further details.

What is the camp fee next year?

Since the increased preparation time will result in higher costs, and as we currently expect an increase in costs next year, the Ring meeting on 21st April decided to change the participation fee as follows:

Fee 2020 Fee 2021
Early bird: long participation (2nd-12th August) 195 € 205 €
Early bird: family rate 140 € 150 €
Early bird: short participation (2nd – 8th August) 140 € 150 €
Normal price: long participation (2nd-12th August) 230 € 240 €
Normal price: family rate €160 170 €
Normal price: short participation (2nd – 8th August) 160 € 170 €
Social fee: 100 € 100 €
Helper (entire period) 100 € 120 €
Daily helpers 10 €/day, min 35 € 15 €/day, min 40 €
Day participants 35 € 35 €

On this basis, you can change your Group fees when you confirm participation for 2021.

The early bird discount is available until 31.01.2021. Registration closes on 30.04.2021.

I cannot / do not wish to take part next year. What do I have to do?

Cancellations can be notified to

Each participant must confirm their participation for 2021. If you do not confirm your participation by the early bird discount deadline on 31.01.2021 at the latest, the registration will be automatically cancelled and all registration data will be deleted.

I was not registered for 2020, but I would like to take part in the FarbenmEEHr in 2021. What do I have to do?

Registration will be available again following alterations to the terms and conditions and other minor changes. The registration process will remain as before: the Group registers first and sends the registration link to the Group members.

What will the camp be called next year?

The camp will continue under the motto “FarbenmEEHr2020 – experience diversity” because, for ecological and economic reasons, we want to use all the documents and materials already created. The entire project team is motivated and looks forward to continuing the spirit of the camp motto into next year.


Any further questions can be sent to or