Information on the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Dear departments, dear sub camps, dear participants, dear interested people, dear persons in charge of the theme yurts and cafés,

COVID-19 has become a household name for everyone and so it is for us too. Regarding the upcoming meetings in the next 4 weeks, we from the camp management have exchanged information with the security department and give you the following recommendation

In the current situation, the most important goal is to slow down the spread of the virus in order to keep the maximum number of people who fall ill at the same time as low as possible. What happens if we do nothing can currently be observed very well in Italy. The whole of society ( and ourselves) must now make a contribution to this. Our Federal Minister of Health has clearly emphasized this again today. This means limiting travel and social contacts (especially with people you do not see every day) as much as possible.

Therefore, all personal meetings in the next 4 weeks that are organized by us will be canceled, including the planned departmental meetings and the Kaffeekränzchen. So that the planning does not lie idle, we recommend you use the digital possibilities! Here we want to follow the scout’s rule “We want to respect the others” and thus prevent a further spreading. We stress that this cancellation is not out of fear of the virus, but to protect all of us and to reduce the risk of transmission. We also advise the sub camps, theme yurts and cafés to suspend their personal meetings for the time being and switch to digital teamwork!

What does this mean for the kick-off camp?

For the next 4 weeks we will continue to monitor the situation closely and stay in contact with the relevant authorities. In early April, we will make a decision together with our departmental managers, in consideration of the developments, whether the Kick-Off Camp will take place. We already have some ideas on how the information transfer can work in case of a failure of the kick-off camp. These will be finalized by the beginning of April.

What does this mean for the camp?

Again, we can only say that we are continuing to monitor the situation and will make a decision on whether the camp should take place at the end of May together with the ring board, the association boards and the departments.. By the end of May, we will talk to all contractual partners to clarify a possible postponement.

We will keep you posted!


Best wishes and stay alert

the camp management

(last updated: 13.03.2020)




Photo by CDC on Unsplash