The participant’s registration

As of today, the links for the registration of participants will be sent to the groups that already have registered. Participants can register for the camp via this link.

You want to know how to register your group? Then have a look at the instructions for the group registration.

How does the group registration work?

To register as a participant for the FarbenmEEHr2020 – Experience Diversity, you will have to state the following:

Name and surname
  • The name of the participant
Date of birth
  • Your date of birth is used to check if you are of age
association affiliation
  • To take part in FarbenmEEHr2020, you have to be part of a scout’s association
  • In case you don’t know the name of the association you are part of, just ask your group leader.
  • This selection will not be displayed if your group has already made this entry for all its participants.
participant category
  • Here you state in which function you will come to FarbenmEEHr2020. Possible categories are:
Group member (except group leaders)
  • If you do not have a leading position in your group and you will only be coming to the camp as a participant, please choose this category.
Group leader
  • If you have a leading position for the participants of your group, please choose this category.
Children below the age of six
  • This category includes all children under the age of 6 who travel with a parent or guardian and do not participate in the program. Please enter here the separately registered parent or guardian with whom the child is traveling. If this is not the case, the child must be registered as a group member in the age group cub scouts.
Former scouts
  • If your active time as a scout is behind you, but you would like to get a taste of the camp air at the FarbenmEEHr, e.g. in the family part camp, then this category is for you. For former scouts, the participation in the program is not intended
Registration as a day visitor
  • If you cannot participate for the entire duration of the camp, you can register here for individual days. The cost of 35€ per night for day visitors does not include arrival or departure, nor a camp T-Shirt.
  • Here, you can choose the tariff that best suits you You can choose from the following tariffs:
Early departure
  • Depending on whether your group allows a departure on 09.08.2020, there will be a lower camp fee for participation over the shortened period.
Family fee
  • If a full paying participant from your family is already registered, you can choose the family fee for yourself. This also applies to all other family members participating in the camp.
Social concession
  • We want everyone to be able to participate in our camp, financial reasons should not speak against that. Therefore, if you have financial difficulties, you can easily select the reduced social price here.
  • Depending on whether you are of age or not, your contact details or those of a parent or guardian will be requested here. Please enter the person who signs your registration. He/she is the contact person for all organisational matters prior to the camp.
  • For underage leaders, we ask for both your and a parent’s or guardian’s contact information.
  • You also have the option of specifying additional emergency contacts (e.g. another parent or guardian).
Medications I have to take during camp:
  • This section will be explained in detail during the registration process. Please indicate here the medication you need so that your leaders are sufficiently informed to be able to take care of any necessary medication.
Information on catering
  • Generally vegetarian dishes and dishes with meat are offered.
  • In addition, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free and some other products are made available to the groups.
  • Please indicate specifics so that your group can prepare for your needs early.
My child is allowed to swim under supervision.
  • If you are not yet of age, it is necessary for your parents to agree that you may swim under supervision.

Have fun at the camp!