The registration starts!

Finally we’re off!

As of today you can register for our Ringelager FarbenmEEHr2020. How’s that work? You’ll learn in this post

You can only register for the camp using our online tool, which you can find at This makes administration easier and also cuts down on paper.

The registration takes place in 2 steps. First, the tribe must be registered as a whole. Once you have registered your tribe, a link will be sent to you by email. Via this link your participants can register for the camp and are automatically assigned to the respective tribe. Whoever creates the tribe in the system is listed by the system as the tribe manager and has the option of using a login to view the participants who have registered via the tribe.

How does the tribal registration work?

To register a tribe for FarbenmEEHr2020 – Experience Diversity you need:

The name of the tribe
  • The name of your tribe (obviously ­čśë )
The association to which your tribe belongs
  • The 7 associations of the rdp Baden-W├╝rttemberg are stored here as fixed values, but you can also enter other associations under “Other”.
The complete billing address of your tribe
  • If your tribe is an independent e.V., the legal seat of the e.V. should be entered here, otherwise a private address (e.g. of the tribe chairman)
The name and address of the person responsible for the tribe
  • Person responsible for registration and contact to the tribe. Several leader accesses can be created later independently of this.
The mobile phone number of the responsible person
  • Please provide a mobile phone number for emergencies. This number will also be used to verify your identity when you log into the system. Therefore the number must be able to receive SMS messages.
The e-mail address of the responsible person
  • The links for the registration of the participants and the tribal leadership are sent to this e-mail address which is used for further communication.
3 desired sub camps (with priority)
  • We want all the tribes to feel comfortable in their sub camps. Obviously, however, not all tribes can be placed in the same sub camp. This is why you can create a first, a second and a third priority. According to these priorities, the tribes are then distributed to the individual sub camps.
Information for the participants
  • In this field you can enter a text that will be displayed to your tribe members when they register for the camp via the generated link. Here you can leave for example hints to the procedure or to the payment.
Earlier departure
  • For cub scouts we offer an earlier departure on 09.08.2020. However, you must release this for your participants, if desired. Only then there is this option in the participant registration.
  • Please indicate how you would like to travel as a group. We will pass on the information on how many people travel by public transport to the transport companies so that sufficient capacity is available.
Individual prices
  • In order for the participants to see the price valid for them when registering, you can adjust the prices for the participants individually here. Please consider additional costs like e.g. the journey and price-reducing factors like e.g. donations.
  • The list prices are already stored there. You can also view them at
International guest groups
  • Here you can indicate if you would like to be a partner group for an international guest group, if you are an international guest group yourself and if you are already in contact with a partner group. Information on international encounters in the camp can be found at:

And that was it! Your tribe is registered and you can look forward to a great camp and many great memories next year. If you still have questions, have a look at our FAQ. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, please feel free to contact us at for further questions.

Have fun at the camp!